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New Service Offers Tax Videos for Firms to Educate Clients

An Article on CPA Practice Advisor talks about the following:


A new service has been launched that makes it affordable for tax firms to offer videos to their clients via social media, via email, or on their website. The TaxVid service, from Tenenz, Inc., a provider of marketing tools, and tax and accounting products, offers informational videos, branded with the firm's information. An example is at

The TaxVid client video service is launching just in time for the tax season. “Tax professionals can sample the service and take advantage of our free video offer,” said Bob Tenner, General Partner of Tenenz. 

Each TaxVid client video is a 1-3 minute summary of a common tax topic, branded with the accounting firm’s logo and contact information. Tenenz assists setting up the video for email and web use.

“We understand the importance of providing the most current tax information for clients; our videos are updated automatically during the subscription period to ensure this is the case,” said Tenner.

YouTube reports video consumption has been growing at a rate of 40 percent annually for two years. Additional research has revealed the use of videos in email messages will increase the likelihood people will take further action by as much as 300 percent. “These videos provide valuable tax information for firms’ clients and prospective clients. Topics are presented in a way consumers prefer to see it, making it easy for clients to take action and set up an appointment.” continued Tenner.

TaxVid topics:

Key 2016 Tax Highlights.  Focus on key information for the upcoming tax season.

Proving Your Deductions? How long do I keep this? This video describes Federal recordkeeping guidelines.

Make the Most of Your Donations. Non-cash donations can reduce a client’s tax obligation, but only if they know the rules.

Ideas to Help Audit-Proof Your Tax Return. Sometimes the best defense in an audit is knowing how to prepare for one.

Five Great Tax Secrets. Help clients by reminding them of tax deductions.

TaxVid client video service is available for subscription price of $155.40 per year. The service includes branded videos, video set-up assistance, automatic updating to ensure the most current version of the videos are running and hosting the videos.

Benefits of using TaxVid client video service

More click-through from clients and prospective clients receiving the firm’s email marketing and social media messages and from those visiting the firm’s website.

Increase engagement from decision-makers digging more deeply for information on your website or by contacting your firm after watching a video you provide.

Increasing the probability of converting a prospective client and getting current clients to sign up for annual appointments.