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2016 Review of Tsheets Time Tracking

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From the 2016 reviews of Time and Billing systems.



Best Fit: TSheets is well suited for small business owners that need to track employee time from any location, though the product can support upwards of 100 + users. The product is also a good solution for firms using small business accounting applications such as Xero, Gusto, and QuickBooks.

Product Strengths:

Offers excellent timekeeping functionality with an easy to use interface

Product is web-based and offers a mobile app as well as GPS time tracking capability

Product is very affordably priced for even the smallest businesses

Offers solid integration with popular third-party small business accounting applications

Potential Limitations

Offers very limited invoicing functionality unless integrated with accounting application

Designed for professional firms that wish to schedule employees and track time from varying locations, TSheets can be used from a standard desktop system, as well as mobile devices. TSheets also offers a Partner Program for Accountants, which offers client support and referrals for accountants at no cost.

Basic System Functions 4.75 Stars

TSheets is a web-based application that offers easy time tracking. Users can utilize the system from the web dashboard, or from a mobile device. TSheets supports both iPhone and Android devices including smartphones and tablets. TSheets can also track employee paid time off, including sick, vacation, and PTO. During setup, administrators can set up automatic clock in and clock out reminders for all employees, reducing or eliminating the need to manually enter time. Along with time tracking, TSheets also offers a scheduling feature that allows managers to schedule employees by job, by task, or by shift. Users can choose the type of time card they wish to use with a variety of options available.

Time Management Capabilities 5 Stars

TSheets allows users to choose the type of timecard they wish to use when entering time. The Manual Time Card is perfect for salaried employees and features a spreadsheet style interface that requires little data entry. Users that have a fairly standard schedule can choose to copy last week’s timesheet if desired. The Online Punch Time Card allows employees to simply access the web dashboard to clock in and out in real time. The Online Punch Card can track employee hours to jobs and projects, and employees can easily add custom notes regarding any activity. Great for administrators, the Time Slider allows those with permissions, or supervisors to edit any time errors by just clicking and dragging data to the correct time. Ideal for service employees, TSheets can track time entries using GPS, so managers can view where employees were when they clocked in or out. TSheets also offers a Chrome App, which users can install on their device, allowing them to clock in and out, edit timesheets, or switch to another project or task, with the entries automatically syncing with TSheets. Though the product can simply track employee time, users can also track time using multi-level job codes that can track everything from meetings, phone calls, research, or travel time. And managers can easily approve timesheets, reviewing for accuracy and approving with ease.

Invoicing Functions 4 Stars

For QuickBooks, Xero, or Gusto users, approved time can be exported into the application for invoicing. For those not using these products, TSheets simple invoicing feature can be utilized. To use this feature, users need to ensure that clients and job codes in TSheets are marked as billable. Once this is completed, users can install the Invoicing Add-On, which will generate an invoice. Users can choose what information they wish to appear on any created invoices, though this information cannot be customized from customer to customer unless the setup information is changed as well. All invoices are created as a PDF, so users can easily email them directly to clients or print and mail as desired.

Management Features 4.5 Stars

TSheets offers an excellent selection of time related reports including the ability to view time reports in real time, as employees are clocking in and out. Managers can view hours works as a summary, or drill down to each employee for further information. Timesheet Approval Reports are designed specifically for managers and administrators. These reports are quickly processed, and used to approve payroll totals. Rejected entries can be sent back to employees with a customized note stating what needs to be corrected in order for approval. For businesses using job codes when tracking time, project reports are available, with users able to view reports by job code, group, or item.

Integration/Data Management 4.5 Stars

TSheets integrates with several popular small business accounting products including QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, CougarMountain, Paychex, Expensify, Gusto, Square, and Xero. Flat file integration is also available with TSheets able to integrate with various payroll solutions, with a one-time fee charged for integration. Users can also export all reports to Excel or a CSV file, or save reports as a PDF file.

Help/Support 4.75 Stars

TSheets offers a Product Help Center on their website that offers users access to the product Knowledgebase, which offers solutions in a variety of categories which include Getting Started, Scheduling, Administrators, and Employees. FAQ’s provide answers to common questions, and toll-free product support is available during extended business hours. Chat support is also available as well as email support

Summary and Pricing

TSheets is an excellent solution for businesses that need to track employee time from a variety of locations. The product offers solid integration with popular small business accounting products such as QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Gusto, Square, and Xero. For 2-99 users, the product runs $4.00 per user per month, plus a base fee of $16.00 per month. For businesses with more than 100 users, the base price increases to $80.00 per month, though per user fees remains the same.

2016 Overall Rating 4.5 Stars



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Designed for professional firms that wish to schedule employees and track time from varying locations, TSheets can be used from a standard desktop system, as well as mobile devices. TSheets also offers a Partner Program for Accountants, which offers ...