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The Premium Tax Credit (PTC) is a tax credit that provides financial assistance on health plan premiums for those who enrolled in the Marketplace Health Insurance Coverage. When claiming the PTC, it may increase your refund or lower the amount of taxes that you may owe.

You can claim the full benefit of the PTC on your tax return if you did not get advance credit payments in 2015. To claim the PTC on your tax return, you must file Form 8962.

You must meet all of the following conditions to claim the PTC for 2015:

If all of the following were true for at least one month of the year, you can claim PTC for 2015:

  • An individual in your household was enrolled in a Marketplace Health Coverage plan.
  • An individual did not qualify for minimum essential coverage, other than coverage in the individual market.
  • Your premium portion was paid by the due date of your tax return.

You must meet all of the following requirements to be an applicable taxpayer:

  • For 2015, your total household income is at least 100 percent but no more than 400 percent of the Federal poverty line for your family size.
  • On a tax return for 2015, no one can claim you as a dependent.
  • If married at the end of 2015, generally you must file a joint return. If filing separately, you can still be an applicable taxpayer if you meet certain requirements.

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